Rotary chains

When you want to refer to the various possible fields of application of heavy transmissions chains, such as Rotary chains, you have to think of the motorization of the tracks of large construction machines, the transmission of power supplies of large crushers for stone and minerals, mining machinery , large screenings, paddle mills and many other applications.

So when we need to transmit strong power at low and very low speeds with tear loads, in the presence of mud, abrasive materials, stones and possible misalignments, the chains for heavy transmissions represent the ideal solution, economic and safe. Only some of these chains have been unified, since almost all of them were initially designed for particular applications, and then passed in common use due to their proven characteristics.

For the transmission of considerable power, the speed of the minor toothed wheels between 1/4 of a turn at 1 ‘and 200 at 1’, the chains for heavy transmissions are the most indicated.

High resistance against dynamic stresses is a significant factor at low pheripheral speeds and high transferred output.

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