Renold A&S chains

Renold A&S Chains are known all over the world for its excellent build quality and absolute reliability in operation. The excellent reputation for wear resistance, fatigue resistance and then a long duration have allowed A&S to become the most widely used chain of quality in Europe.

The new Renold chain A&S is composed not only by the rollers extruded, used for years, but also by bushes extruded from cold, and not by bushes wrapped as the majority of chains proposed by other manufacturers. This combination ensures that there are localized areas in which to concentrate efforts between pin and bush that drastically reduce the life of the chain for increased wear.

The new shape of the plates characterized by a more linear profile allows a better distribution of the stresses over the entire section by improving the resistance to fatigue and increasing the dynamic load borne by the chain.

The chains A&S are available in both European (ISO) and in the American version (ANSI) with various types of attacks and protruding pins to meet any customer requirement.


Main Features:

  • Chain stretched to 50% of the breaking load
  • Bushes cold extruded
  • Rollers cold extruded
  • Minor shaping of the plates
  • Heat treated and shot peened plates
  • ISO & ANSI versions available
  • Wide range of attacks and projecting pin
  • Special lubrication on request
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