Renold (blue) chains

The constant behavior of the Renold roller chain is guaranteed by a continuous test program and strict quality controls. Only in this way Renold has succeeded in offering a chain with superior quality to its competitors. The only contact between the pin and bush improve the resistance of the Renold chains compared to that one of other brands.

It still need a small initial adjustement. Renold roller chain is highly resistant to stress and ensures a superior life up to four times compared to that of the chains leading competitors. The breaking loads are higher than the minimum requirements of the international standard.

The feature of roller Renold chain are obtained from decades of design, testing and feedback received from many applications installed all over the world, offering reliability and product warranty.

Pin’s round riveting and the doily allow to minimize the downtime of the machinery due to repairs. All you need is one disassemble chain Renold thanks to which you can remove the chain in few seconds; There is no need to grind the head of the pin to remove the mesh, reducing downtime.

The fatigue strength is substantially enhanced by the perfect fit between pin, bush and plate and the unique quality of the drilling of the plates.
Long life of the gears is assured by the excellent coupling between the chain rollers and the tooth of the gear.

The finishing of the holes plates with calibrated spheres, pre-setting processes, the peening of pins and bushes and the use of special lubricants set the Renold chain at the top of the trasmission chains.


Are strictly controlled:

  • Materials
  • Heat treatments
  • Production processes
  • Couplings
  • Assemblies
  • Lubrication
  • Packaging
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