AS NORD Srl since 1980

Industrial Chains for Power Trasmission, Lifting and Conveyors

AS NORD supplies a wide range of chains and accessories for power transmission, conveyor and lifting systems.
Thanks to the quality of materials, the care and control of working process and the constant technical support we are able to realize “taylor-made” products and innovative solutions.

AS NORD is synonymous from always of rapidity and attention to find answer to customer exigencies in several fields like food industry, packaging, logistic, agricolture and many others competitive markets which require technical solutions on the move.

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Compliance solutions for reliable production

Suppliers of industrial machinery must be sure their equipment satisfies market entry requirements first time. Similarly, operators must be sure that their equipment will endure and guarantee high productivity.

We ensure smooth market access by working with you from the initial stages of design to guarantee products meet national and international regulatory and technical requirements. We also advise on specific customer needs and requirements. Our testing procedures help you to detect failure in standards at an early stage and initiate product optimisation. This enables you to market a product with confidence.

Once the equipment is in operation, our life testing and maintenance services ensure minimal downtime, high productivity and efficient resource usage. We also verify that operation of machinery fulfils the necessary quality, health and safety regulations.

As a recognised, fully equipped testing body, our one-stop certification services support you not only to access new markets, but to perform well in them. Consistently safe, high-quality, first-class components can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. The equation is simple. Lower supply chain costs plus reduced reworking equate to a faster route to profitability.

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