Renold Sovereign chains

The perfect correction of the pin with mirror surface combined with tight geometric constructive tolerances of the compass allows Sovereign to connect to new levels of durability in abrasive environments.


As a result, the Renold Sovereign provides greater wear resistance in harsh environmental conditions such as dust, dirt and abrasive materials. The applications in which it is used are the industries that produce bricks, tiles, cement and metal working.


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Brick manufacture
  • Ceramics
  • Cementitious environments
  • Metal working
  • Roof tiles production

Features and benefits:

  • High value of resilience of the components
  • Up to 3 times longer wear life than standard chain in harsh environments
  • Reduced pin wear
  • Suitable for high speed or heavy load applications
  • Excellent reliability giving reduced maintenance costs
  • Ideal for situations of irregular or restricted maintenance
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