Silent chains

Strength, precision, speed, silent running, thermal resistance and durability are the main advantages of silent chains.

The wide range of toothed chains is used in every industrial context where the transmission and transport of products along production lines, from the food industry to the automotive industry, are necessary.

The structure of the silent toothed chain is characterized by a double oscillating pin and by particular meshing profiles between the chain and the toothed wheel, elements that allow an extremely uniform and precise sliding.

The transmission, thanks to the geometric coupling between the chain and the wheel teeth, guarantees a drive without slippage, without requiring the pretension of the chain, ideal for the modern mechanical industry, which requires precise, fast and efficient drives.

In addition, the use of high quality materials and production processes makes the chains silent wear resistant and suitable for use even in the most difficult environmental conditions, such as exposure to high temperatures or aggressive chemicals.


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