Zinc plated chains

If the chains are used outdoors or in presence of very aggressive elements, it is necessary to use surface treatments that protect the metal from corrosion, galvanizing is one of these treatments.

This chemical treatment is ideal for applications susceptible to light corrosion.
The new galvanizing treatment desert the classic yellow coloration while maintaining the same level of protection.
Each component is galvanized before the final assembly of the chain to guarantee an optimal corrosion resistance and at the same time a good resistance to wear and fatigue.



Main Features:

  • Without hexavalent chromium
  • 250 hours of protection during the corrosion test DIN 50021
  • Bushes and cold extruded rollers for high performance
  • Heat treated and shot peened plates
  • Fatigue and wear resistance for high durability
  • Special lubricants for high wear resistance
  • The breaking load is approximately 85% of the chains in normal steel
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