Optimal lubrification for long time service:
Chains are important elements for power transmission. Long-term chain operation depends significantly on the initial lubrication of the chain manufacturer and subsequent operational lubrication.
Lubricants protect chains effectively against premature wear and prolong their service life.
The chains are versatile, for example used for transport, guides or lifting units. They are very stressed, while they run permanently in the mixed friction regime and are subject to high stress. Many applications involve additional stressors, such as high temperatures or aggressive substances. To ensure that chains can run for a long time in these adverse conditions, we use lubricants to meet your specific needs.
We also advise you on how to find the right lubricant for your application and optimize the lubrication of the chains.
Benefits at a glance:
  • La durata ottimale della catena raggiunto coi lubrificanti corrisponde esattamente ai requisiti specifici
  • Aumento dell’efficienza grazie ad una migliore comportamento contro l’attrito
  • Maggiore disponibilità grazie alla ridotta manutenzione
  • Risparmio di costi grazie alla riduzione del consumo di lubrificante
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