Nickle plated chains

When the chains are used outdoors or in presence of very aggressive elements it is necessary to use surface treatments that protect the metal from corrosion, nickel plating is one of these treatments.

Chains are chemically nickel plated and the nickel plating, among the protective siding, is the one that guarantees the highest oxidation resistance.

Chemical nickel plating allows you to get on all treated surfaces an uniform and continuous sediment, tight and highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue.

The deposits exhibit good adhesion to metal and moreover when there are mechanical damages of the carry they have a tendency to “peel”.
It’s also possible to perform an electrolytic nickel plating or as more commonly called “galvanic”, the metal is coated with nickel by a passage of electric current that carries atoms by bars of pure material to the material to be filled.

To increase the adhesion of the nickel to the metal and thus avoid the problem of peeling is deposited a layer of copper between the two materials.


Main Features:
  • Without hexavalent chromium
  • 400 hours of protection during corrosion test DIN 50021
  • Heat treated and shot peened plates
  • Bush and cold extruded rollers for high performance
  • Fatigue and wear resistance for maximum durability
  • Special lubricants for high wear resistance
  • The breaking load is approximately 85% of the chains in normal steel
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