Renold Syno chains

Renold Syno chains have been designed to solve lubrication problems in those applications where the presence of oil or grease is not recommended. It is available in a wide range, from simple to double chains, both in ISO and ANSI versions. The Syno range offers three types of products :

Syno NP

During the production process, by sintering the powders, a lubricant approved for the food industry is inserted into the bushes.

  • No lubrication normally required
  • Outside of chain totally dry-to-the-touch
  • Nickel plates
  • Rollers with special FDA approved coating
  • Approved lubricant in the food industry approved USDA H1 (present in the sintered bushes)
  • Interchangeable with standard chains
  • Standard pin size

Syno PC

If additional corrosion resistance is required, the stainless steel version can be used.

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Extreme lightness
  • Ideal where frequent washing is required, in a damp environment or in complete immersion
  • Used standard attacks

Syno PB

For high loads and applications in which the problem of resistance to wear and fatigue are a serious problem was introduced in version Syno a particular polymer between the bush and the pin which ensures an high impact resistance without additional lubrication. Available from 28B to 40B and from the ASA 120 to 200 , ideal for applications where lubrication is not possible.

  • Operation without lubrication
  • Special bushes in polymers
  • Surface treatment against corrosion
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
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