Renold Hydro-Service chains

Hydro-Service is a protective coating patented that achieves corrosion resistance up to 30 times higher than conventional coatings like nickel plating and galvanizing.

Renold Hydro-Service chains are obtained by a mechanical process of galvanizing with additional patented processes for further protection against corrosion. In a humid, wet and in the presence of salt water the resistance compared to zinc-plated or nickel-plated chains is much higher.

Not like other types of chains offered by other manufacturers with similar treatments, the Hydro-Service does not contain chromium in the hexavalent state. This feature allows an use in sensitive applications where the chemical features of the chain can contaminate the final product.

All components of the chain are treated before final assembly of the same, so as to ensure an correct protection to all essential parts of the chain (bushes, pins, rollers) and not only to the external ones. The accuracy of the treatments and the particular coating ensure a corrosion resistance 30 times higher than the normal steel chains.

Peculiarities of the Chain:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance                                                            renold hydro-service chains
  • Hexavalent chrome free
  • 30 times greater resistance to traditional treatments
  • Cheaper than stainless steel chains
  • No problem of fragility for the presence of hydrogen
  • Same strength and workloads of traditional chains “carbon”

Potential Applications:

  • Environments with high humidity
  • Installations for the production of fish and vegetables
  • Washable tools
  • Environments subjected to atmospheric agents
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