Rubber profile chains

The chains with Rubber Profile were specifically designed for use in the food industry , transport and all kinds of discharge work where the surface finish is not damaged and is an essential requirement for your final product.
This type of chain has run successfully on all types of machinery and industrial sectors.

They are based on ISO , DIN and ANSI both simple and double and the only difference with the other is the length of the pin. The chains with Rubber Profile can be used in many different environments simply by changing the material of the blocks .
The jumpers with Rubber Profile vulcanized on the plates with U-shaped profile is wear resistant and has a hardness of tip that goes from 50 to 60. It’s suitable for working with temperatures up to 80 ° C (176 ° F).
  • The chain with U-Attachment is also equipped with a long wheelbase, including a link
  • The chain can be built without Rubber Profile, with standard plates with U-profile fixed on the external attacks
  • For a small extra load chain can be galvanized but this will reduce the minimum breaking load of 10%
  • The size of the gear chain with Rubber Profile allow it to run on standard sprockets
Other sizes and materials of chains of blocks can be supplied separately. For special applications, the multiple chains, over sextuple, have been fitted and used with success where a wider wheel track of the jumper is needed.


  • Woodworking
  • Real Estate Industries
  • Grinding work
  • Bindings of books
  • Transport of plastic pipes
  • Treatment of the glass
  • Cable management
  • Transport of fragile components
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