Renold Syno chains are designed to solve the problems of lubrication in applications where the presence of oil or grease is a major problem. It ‘available in a wide range of steps, from the simple to the double chains, both in ISO and ANSI standard. The Syno range offers three types of product.

Nickel Plates

Are used in those applications in which the presence of lubricant is prohibited. With the production process of the bushes , by sintering of the powders , it is possible to “drench” the metal material with the approved lubricant in the food industry , allowing the continuous lubrication during operation , without the need of any type of additional intervention .

  • It does not require additional lubrication                                                                                         renold syno chains
  • Tactile sensation of dry chain
  • Nickel plates
  • Approved lubricant in food industry ( soaked in bushes)
  • Interchangeable with standard chains
  • Standard pin size

Stainless Steel chains

If you require an additional corrosion resistance it is possible to use the version in stainless steel, from 08B to 16B in both simple in double version . With sintered bushing chain Syno solves the problem of lubrication of INOX standard chains ensuring better resistance to fatigue.

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent wear resistance and fatigue
  • Sintered bushes similar to a nickel-plated
  • Ideal for applications ” clean”
  • Ideal where it’s necessary to have frequent washings
  • Used standard attacks
  • Available in European (BS)

Bushes in polymers

For high loads and applications in which the problem of resistance to wear and fatigue are a serious problem was introduced in version Syno a particular polymer between the bush and the pin which ensures an high impact resistance without additional lubrication. Available from 28B to 40B and from the ASA 120 to 200 , ideal for applications where lubrication is not possible.

  • Operation without lubrication
  • Special bushes in polymers
  • Surface treatment against corrosion
  • Ideal for outdoor applications
  • Rollers in polymers with high load capacity
  • Connections available