The automatic and fixed tensioners are used to recover the elongation of the chain, allowing it to have a constant tension.

The tensioners of the RF, RO and RA series are designed to last a long time and are built with high quality materials:

  • Tensioning head in POLIZENE 1000 made for each type of chain
  • Rectified columns in high-strength steel
  • Bronze self-lubricating bushings for axial sliding of the columns
  • Base built with aluminum slot according to the size of the tensioned chain
  • Avalaible for both ISO and ANSI chains

The special profile allows:

  • 66% reduction of specific pressure
  • Wear reduction
  • Less noise
  • Less vibrations
  • Longer duration

The chain guides have been designed and manufactured to guide each type of chain appropriately according to their application.

Their sizing is designed according to the ISO roller chain standard, European Series (DIN 8187), and to the transmission belts standard (DIN 2215).

On request we can make guide profiles for special chains or on the user’s drawing.